Hello and welcome to Phil White's online rsum!

If you are reading this you have probably already seen the paper or Word doc version and are looking for some more depth. First let me thank you for coming this far, I know employers have a lot of candidates for each open position and not enough time to wade through the avalanche of applications. I really appreciate the fact that you have selected me as a possible interview candidate!

Under the Experience tab you will find a page for each of the positions I've held. Here there is a bit more information than can be conveyed in a bullet point. The portfolio tab is were you will find information on certain projects that I want to feature as examples of my work.

Thank you again,

Phil White


Home Phone: 585-742-3188
Cell phone: 585-329-0501
Email: phil@philwhite.com
  • Leadership role
  • Strategic callaboration with senior management
  • Microsoft technology
  • Prefer web-based
  • Progressive company with vison for the future
  • Fast-paced and dynamic

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Skilled information technology leader focused on application development, project management and strategic use of IT. Recent MBA provides additional ability to understand and act upon business imperatives. Solid history of managing people and projects to bring assignments in on time. Strong communicator who is able to connect with both technical and business audiences. Even tempered and project focused - often asked to work with the most difficult clients and/or personnel. Highly adaptable C with many successful engagements in multiple industries including: direct marketing (analytics, printing, fulfillment & call center), non-profits, insurance, publishing, commercial software & defense contracting.


Visual Basic 1.0-6.0,VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, C,C#, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, Adobe, Crystal Reports, Windows, NT, DOS, Word, Excel, MS Project, XML/XSL, SQL Server 6.5 - 2005, Teradata, Access, Visio, DotNetNuke, Asset Management, Sugar CRM, GMC Webproof, Pascal, FORTRAN, Perl

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